Beat the Summer Heat: Maximize Savings by Going Solar Before the End of Summer

In the Midwest, especially right here in the tri-state area, we are no stranger to hot and humid summers. For many homeowners, the summer is often the most expensive time of the year in terms of electricity bills. Days are longer, the weather is warmer, kids are out of school, and many of us are still working from home. This has increased our overall usage and has made air conditioning more essential to our daily lives.

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Ins and Outs of Battery Storage: 9 Things You Need to Know to Maximize Solar Power


It’s really no surprise that battery storage is a growing trend in the renewable energy market. Solar power with battery storage allows you to generate, store, manage and monitor your home’s energy usage. Solar energy and energy storage go hand-in-hand. For many homeowners, the double benefit of convenient energy during a power outage PLUS the money saved from using battery-stored energy instead of buying it from the electric company is a no brainier. If you want true energy independence, solar and battery storage could be the perfect solution for your home.
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The Environmental Benefits of Solar Power

Is Your Home Polluting the Planet? The Environmental Benefits of Solar Power

It’s no surprise more American homeowners are choosing to go solar than ever before. Most people know solar energy is supposed to be better for the environment than fossil fuels, but don’t know the actual reasons why! Solar energy can provide an infinite source of non-polluting electricity because the daily sunrise is something we can rely on.

Solar energy can greatly reduce your dependence on fossil fuels, lessening the effects of climate change for future generations. However, there’s an even bigger story the environmental benefits of solar are more than just reducing yourcarbon footprint!

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Federal Tax Credits Can Help You Save More With Solar – But You Have To Act Quickly

Installing a solar photovoltaic system, or a solar panel system for your home’s energy, is a big step for homeowners who want to reduce their electric bills, increase their property value, and decrease their impact on the environment. While the size and cost of the solar power system varies based on the amount of energy a home consumes, solar is a large investment for homeowners. Fortunately, there are incentives and tax credits that can be claimed alongside flexible financing options to reduce the overall cost, making going solar an attainable goal for many.

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Dear Wanda: How Do You Recycle Solar Panels?

Curious Recycler: What happens to solar panels if they stop working or are damaged? Can they be recycled?


Icon Solar often gets questions regarding how we recycle damaged or inoperative solar panels. It’s a valid one, especially when we claim how environmentally friendly it is. Let me explain…

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Kentucky’s New Net Metering Bill

What does Kentucky Senate Bill 100 mean for you as potential solar owners? And what does it mean for current solar owners? Let’s take a look.

Municipalities are treating solar in vastly different ways. Some with tight restrictions on solar have now opened up the world of renewables for the greater good. Some have restricted the freedoms the public have once rightfully enjoyed. On March 26, 2019, Kentucky and its fossil fuel lobbyists finally succeeded in what they’d been trying to do for years: eradicate net metering benefits with the Senate Bill 100.

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Like Lighthouses: Companies Going Solar

Many companies have been in the news lately for their dedication to adopting sustainable practices. Much like microbreweries, large national and international companies are investing in their own future—and our own future—by installing solar systems. Like lighthouses, they’re beacons lighting the way into a cleaner, brighter future.

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