Net Metering Not Dead, says Solarize ECI

We made it in the news again over the Muncie Star Press! This time, it’s due to our success with Solarize ECI. Here’s the excerpt which mentions us:

Solarize Indiana sent out requests for proposals to solar companies in the Midwest, looking at reliability, product quality, tenure in business and lowest group pricing. From those companies, Solarize ECI chose to work with Icon Solar, Cincinnati.

More than 40 homeowners in East Central Indiana have installed solar panels through Solarize ECI, receiving group pricing 20 percent below what they would have to pay if they didn’t go through Solarize ECI.

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Like Lighthouses: Companies Going Solar

Many companies have been in the news lately for their dedication to adopting sustainable practices. Much like microbreweries, large national and international companies are investing in their own future—and our own future—by installing solar systems. Like lighthouses, they’re beacons lighting the way into a cleaner, brighter future.

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Tuning In: Solar Power World Podcast

Our co-owner Zach guests on the Solar Power World’s podcast, talking about our pricing transparency. We aim to be honest and forthright about the cost of solar.

Here’s an excerpt from the writeup:

Icon Solar Power (No. 273 on the 2018 Top Solar Contractors list), based in Ohio, takes the most transparent route when it comes to solar pricing, but it didn’t start off that way. Zach Wieber, director of operations, said Icon Solar initially shied away from giving price information up front because it feared prospective customers wouldn’t see solar benefits past the price tag.

For a sample of what the cost of one of our systems might look like, see our breakdown.


Icon Solar’s Accreditations and Certifications, and Why It Matters to You

A lot of licensing and certifications are in place to prove capabilities. For instance, not many of us would trust a 17-year-old without his license to cart people around in a car. Similarly, a lot of trust is instilled in nurses, teachers and firefighters because of the processes they went through to prove their skills and interest.  

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Here’s What People are Saying about Icon Solar!

Any company can say whatever they want about themselves. The real testament to quality work is the result. For us, our job isn’t over until we’ve exceeded our customers’ expectations. You may feel uncertain about considering a company you’ve never worked with before; that’s why consumer testimonials are so helpful! Here are some of our customers’ reactions to their new Icon-installed solar systems:  

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The Icon Solar Pledge

The Icon Solar Pledge

A pledge is a promise. Icon Solar has composed a pledge detailing the services we guarantee to provide to our customers. Here we further explain what each facet of our promise means to you.

We will:

  1. Put in the time to understand your objectives.

Whether your solar power pursuit is driven by environmental consciousness, energy independence, savings, or your love of technology, we are here to help you reach those goals. Icon Solar is passionate about every reason to go solar, so we are more than happy to meet with you to strategize a plan to accomplish what you want.

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