The Steps You Should Take to Get the Most Out of Your Panels this Winter!

Solar panels thrive in the sunlight, so this begs the questions: How do solar panels perform in colder months? Thankfully, solar panels only require sunlight, not heat. This means that solar panels are absolutely capable of powering your home during the winter. In fact, some solar panel users have reported higher solar panel output when there is snow since it can act as a reflective blanket for sunlight. 

Another question people interested in solar power frequently may is if solar panels can be harmed by snow. The answer is no! Solar panels are designed to be able to bear more than the weight of a typical snowfall, so your precious panels should be safe. With the pitch of the solar array, rain and wind should take care of the cleaning itself. Heavy snowfall should collapse and fall.

However, if snow interferes for over a week in blocking sunlight, it is important to dust off snow or leaves from your panels. We don’t recommend that you try for your own safety. There are several rakes made in various lengths depending on your home height that are designed specifically to clean off your panels— even simple rake can do the trick!  

For extended periods of time without sunlight, the Tesla Powerwall 2 may be your secret weapon. Although your panels should function well in these months by themselves, the Powerwall 2 can store the extra sunlight on sunnier days so that you’re fully fueled for cloudy weather.  

Ask Wanda: I’m selling my home, should I install solar power now or wait?

Ask Wanda: I’m ready to install solar power, but I expect I’ll be selling my home and moving to another one in the next few years. Is this even worth my money to do now, or should I wait until I’m in my next house?  

Dear Making Moves, 

When it comes to solar, there is no time like the present. It’s as simple as asking the question, “Do I want to start saving now or wait a while?” Why wouldn’t you want to start saving immediately on your electricity bill? 

An investment in solar power is unique from other home renovations because you start seeing savings before your house is even sold. Moving is expensive and those monthly savings would certainly be useful when it comes to moving truck costs or new furniture in your future residence! 

Solar panels also make your house more marketable. Imagine you are looking at two very similar houses, yet one has solar panels, meaning you’ll only pay pennies for your electricity. I can see what way you’re leaning already! Of course, you’d be willing to dish out a little more for these unlimited savings. 

 Wondering how much solar panels could increase the value of your home? Check it out here! Wondering where to start your solar journey? Call us at 513-396-9777! 

10 Great Solar Gift for this Holiday Season

Finding a fun gift for everyone on your list can be tough, so Icon Solar is here to help you out—no cords attached! Solar powered presents are perfect for the techie, environmentalist or anyone in your life looking for a cool gift that won’t run up the electric bill. Here is a list of ten fun products you might even add to your own wish list!

#1 Solar Powered Christmas lights

Image 1








Ditch the old tangled up pile of Christmas lights and switch to these fun, solar powered ones instead!

#2 Solar Powered Candy Cane Decorations

Image 2








Staying on the seasonal side of things, why not ditch the extension cord for these outdoor, wireless, light-up candy canes!

#3 Solar Powered Book Light

Screen Shot 2017-12-07 at 1.03.33 PM








Read electricity-free day or night!

#4 & #5 Solar Powered Luxury Watches

Image 4






Screen Shot 2017-12-07 at 1.06.20 PM







Would you look at the time? It looks like it’s just about time to buy one of these solar powered watches.

#6 Solar Powered Backpack

Image 5








A backpack that keeps you prepared and your devices energized? Talk about dressed for success!

#7 Solar Powered Security Camera

Screen Shot 2017-12-07 at 1.03.56 PM








We knew solar power could help you with financial security, but who knew it could keep your family safe too?

#8 Solar Powered Flashlight

Screen Shot 2017-12-07 at 1.04.12 PM








When the power fails you, these won’t!

#9 Tesla Powerwall 2

Image 8





Speaking of being there for you no matter what, the Tesla Powerwall 2 can keep your whole house powered for a full 24 hours!

#10 Solar Panels

Image 9








For those of you who have been extra good this year (or even a little naughty with some of your spending and need to save!) a set of solar panels can be a powerful gift and get you off on the right (carbon)foot for the new year!

This list is certainly putting us in the holiday mood and we are hoping you as well! Call Icon Solar to start your solar journey today and happy holidays!

We already have the largest publicly accessible solar array in the country. Are we about to get bigger?

What could make Fiona the Hippo even more lovable? How about the fact that she relies on solar energy? The Cincinnati Zoo is the Greenest Zoo in America currently, thanks to the solar canopy that is installed above the parking lot. These panels make our zoo the largest publicly accessible urban solar array in the country! The parking lot produces 20 percent of the Cincinnati Zoo’s needed energy and generates additional solar power to send back to the utility company.  

Cincinnati, or should we say Suncinnati? This solar mega-house may get EVEN bigger! 

Recently, discussions began around the idea of creating the largest municipally-sponsored solar power project in Ohio. The plan is to install solar panels at city-owned properties like the Lunken Airport. 

Originally proposed by Cincinnati mayor John Cranley, the project also aims to have 20 percent of the city’s powered operations get their energy from solar panels; this would move us closer to our city’s goal of running entirely on renewable energy by 2035. Currently, we are at about one percent—we can do better than that! The project also helps Cincinnati contribute to the world’s environmental goals.  

We at Icon Solar think these plans of action are awesome! And hey, if you need someone to help install those panels, Cincinnati, you know who to call! 

Help Your Country Get Ahead with Solar Power

With the amount of energy we are consuming as a planet, countries are starting to lean away from nonrenewable sources of energy such as gas and coal. Solar power is one of the leading options as the energy source of the future.  

So which countries are leading the world in solar power usage?  

Germany is the leader in solar energy. By creating a framework that subsidizes this power source, Germany has allowed solar power to be competitive in the energy market. According to Business Insider, China, Japan and Italy follow Germany in solar power leaders.  

The United States lands fifth on the list of solar power usage—despite having much more room for solar panels than three of the other leaders. Although we are ranked lower, The Guardian published that the US and China’s implementation of solar power grew the worldwide usage by 50 percent in 2015. The industry calls that growth “very significant” and a critical way for the world to make adjustments for the climate.  

Icon Solar is passionate about solar everywhere. Although choosing solar power keeps the United States ahead of the pack, any country doing this is good for the entire planet since other power sources can be hazardous to the environment.  

Anyone can make an investment in their country and planet by choosing solar power—call Icon Solar today to start making your impact! 

Get the Star Treatment with Solar Panels!

Dear Wanda



Dear Wanda,

 OK, what is the deal with solar panels? I’ve heard you can save money with them, and they can help the environment, but I don’t know anyone who has them. Do you? 

Sure, I get that! Solar panels aren’t new, but they are becoming more common. In fact, over the next five years, Ohio alone is expected to install hundreds of kilowatts (kw) of solar power, which is more than six times the amount installed in the past five years. Although solar might not be new, you may not spot any in your neighborhood. This leaves open the opportunity for you to be a trendsetter.

If your neighbors don’t have solar power, look to the stars for inspiration. By that I don’t mean pay closer to your horoscope—also don’t look at the sun for too long—check out some of the biggest trendsetters of all, celebrities! Chances are, some of your favorite celebs have already invested.

house 1






No surprise, Leonardo DiCaprio powers his environmental conquests partly with his solar powered home. Look at those pretty panels soaking up the sun by the basketball court.

house 2





Tom Brady’s mansion runs on solar power!

house 3






Emily Blunt and John Krasinksi listed solar power as one of the mansion’s top amenities when selling their home!

House 4






The only bad part about solar panels being so inconspicuous nowadays is that they’re hard to spot on celeb’s houses. I spy Julia Roberts’ panels, do you?

house 5






Bill Gates has panels on panels on panels!

I’m really just scratching the surface with these examples. Will Ferrell, Johnny Depp, Rachel McAdams, Jack Johnson, Jim Carrey, Tom Hanks, Brad Pitt and many more have discovered this treasure trove.

While these folks are already perceived as wealthy, you don’t have to be a millionaire to afford solar power. In fact, most of Icon Solar’s customers are a part of the middle class. Savings can be exciting for anyone—celebrities, they’re just like you!

Call Icon Solar for the star treatment today!

More wanda

Ready to be the Leader of the Pack? Here’s How to Show Your Neighbors How to Save Thousands.

Doing something different can be nerve-wracking. In fact, only about 2.5 percent of the population are made up of “Innovators.” Innovators, the title bestowed upon the sect of the population most willing to adapt technology, aren’t hard to identify. Their natural habitat is camping outside Apple waiting itching to get their hands on the latest iPhone release. Innovators and Early Adopters – the brave group following the innovators who compose 13.5 percent of the public – are risk-takers, but they usually stand to reap most of the rewards. Solar panels aren’t brand new technology, but you may still be concerned about being the first of your family and friends to test the benefits.  

Over the course of our years as a company, we’ve heard many fears surrounding solar panels. To name a few: 

  • The fear of losing money 

Without your friends or neighbors to pave the way, you may be unsure if the savings really are as much as a company claims. We can break down for you just how much you can predict to benefit on your energy billhome value, and resale value. Don’t just take it from us, we have a community of pleased customers who share their bills as proof and can tell you about their experience.  

  • The fear no one else will like it 

We know “the Joneses” can be tough to keep up with. According to Investopedia, you should stop competing with families who flaunt their wealth because they’re barely getting by! With solar panels, not only do you have the cutting-edge, eco-friendly technology—you are saving money! It’s only a matter of time after you install that everyone notices your financially-savvy decision.  

  • The fear that your HOA won’t approve of solar panels 

What could be worse than investing in solar panels only to have your HOA halt the fun before it even starts. No need to worry, in nearly half of the states there are laws protecting solar panels called “solar access rights.” HOAs fear that panels could lower the worth of homes without understanding that they raise home value. We do all of the legwork to get necessary local permits before installation even starts. 

  • The fear it will look ugly  

When people imagine solar panels, they tend to have flashbacks of the blue and silver monstrosities of the 80s and 90s. But think about all the other styles of that era we also cringe over(neon sweaters with shoulder pads, we’re looking at you). Thankfully, that style has phased out. Icon Solar installs modern and sleek black-on-black panels that will enhance your home. 

We hear many more concerns, like, “will I receive the full benefits if I move?” “this sounds too good to be true,” or “I’d like to ask someone about their solar panels, but I don’t know anyone who has them.” We’re happy to talk about any individual concerns you may have. We work to educate our customers so that they are comfortable every step of the way and overcome their concerns. 

Dear Wanda: How Does Solar Work in the Midwest?


Dear Wanda,
Solar panels sound great, but seriously…are people in Ohio really on board? Will all my neighbors think I’m a little crazy if I start installing panels?
Skeptical Midwesterner

Dear Skeptical Midwesterner,

I get where you’re coming from; the Midwest isn’t exactly known for consistent sunshine and warmth! If you’re curious about investing in panels that save you thousands of dollars, trust me, you’re not crazy. You’re financially savvy! And as your Wealth Warrior, I commend your efforts.

But it can be hard to picture solar panels on your roof when no one you know has made that choice. Fear not! The Midwest is packed full of solar enthusiasts, and is home to some of the best renewable energy resources in the world.

Still concerned about how the Midwest weather affects our potential for solar? With an average of 4.2 to 4.7 peak hours of sun per day, we’re rivaling Florida (which gets 5). Yep, the Buckeye State gets almost as much sun as the Sunshine State. Is your mind blown yet?

As someone who considers herself a trend setter (I was wearing sun-printed skirts before anyone else), I encourage you to take the facts and blaze a solar trail that your neighbors, family and friends can follow, especially once they find out how much money you’re saving!

Shine on, my fellow Midwesterner!
Wanda, Your Wealth Warrior


Solar Power in Cincy

When most people think about solar, their minds probably don’t think Ohio. The Midwest is notorious for its temperamental weather, and Ohio is no exception. Think 40 degrees one day and 75 the next. Many people often assume that since we live in an area where winter is harsh, we can’t reap the rewards of solar panels.WandaSidebarTemplate

Luckily for you (and your wallet), Cincinnati and the Tristate area still get an average of between 4.2 and 4.7 peak hours of sun per day on an annual basis. Just to put that in perspective, Florida gets an average of 5 peak hours and California ranges from 5 to 5.7 hours per day. We give the Sunshine State a run for its money and its potential for solar power.

Plenty of folks in the area are already saving money with solar. The University of Cincinnati used our team of solar experts to install the first panels on their campus. Cryogenic Equipment and Services, headquartered in Cincinnati, worked with us to install a system of 474 panels on their facility. And of course, hundreds of residents have also chosen to save thousands of dollars and install residential panels through Icon Solar.

We’re inspired by the steps our community has taken to welcome solar power to the region. Convinced that the good ol’ Tristate can power your panels? Call us today for a free onsite quote!

Save Money Without Installing an Eyesore

We love solar power, but let’s be honest, solar panels can have a reputation for being bulky rooftop monstrosities. So even though solar panels save folks thousands of dollars, people are quick to disregard them because of how they think the panels will look. Thankfully, not all solar systems are created equal, and the industry is filled with a variety of manufacturers and equipment types. Our team at Icon Solar has a few tricks up our sleeve that will make your solar panels work with the aesthetic of your home.


Black panels vs blue cell panels. When you picture solar panels, odds are you picture the bulky blue cells with silver frames that stick out like a sore thumb. We install attractive black frames, black back sheets and black cells, which blend better with your roof and give a clean and polished appearance.

Custom installation. No matter your roof size or configuration, we work with you to create a unique solar panel system that fits your house and can saves you thousands. Our team is flexible and dedicated to making your installation process seamless and hassle free.

Additional roof protection. While most people might assume that solar panels would damage a roof, solar panels actually prolong the life of your roof. Panels protect your roof from the ravages of heat, light and weather. Panels can also keep your house cooler in the summer by absorbing the sunlight that would normally hit your roof. To top it all off, our black mounting hardware, including our racking and clamps, preserves the aesthetic of your home.

Need more information about how solar installation can save you thousands and work for your home? Check out our FAQ page or contact our team! And be sure to take a look at our project portfolio to see how our panels have worked for other residents.