Solar Innovation: Inspired by Nature

Drew Boyd & Jacob Goldenberg recognized a pattern in innovation to create a systematic approach: Subtraction, Division, Multiplication, Task Unification and Attribute Dependency. They call it the Systematic Inventive Thinking, or SIT. We’re doing a series of how solar technologies approach innovation. Let’s take a look at how some of these innovation approaches (Task Unification and Attribute Dependency) apply to solar technologies inspired by nature.

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Solar Innovation: Task Unification of Ground Mount Solar Arrays

Drew Boyd and Jacob Goldenberg recognized patterns of innovation to create a systematic approach with Subtraction, Division, Multiplication, Task Unification and Attribute Dependency. They call it the Systematic Inventive Thinking (SIT), or Inside the Box innovation. We’re going to do a series of how solar technologies approach innovation. Let’s take a look at how Task Unification plays out in standard ground mount solar arrays!

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10 Great Solar Gift for this Holiday Season

Finding a fun gift for everyone on your list can be tough, so Icon Solar is here to help you out—no cords attached! Solar powered presents are perfect for the techie, environmentalist or anyone in your life looking for a cool gift that won’t run up the electric bill. Here is a list of ten fun products you might even add to your own wish list!

#1 Solar Powered Christmas lights

Image 1








Ditch the old tangled up pile of Christmas lights and switch to these fun, solar powered ones instead!

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“And They Said a Phone Wouldn’t Work…” The Next Best Technology (That Will Save You Thousands)

Let us tell you a story that may make you think differently about a major money-saving endeavor.

It is fabled that in the late 1800s Alexander Graham Bell offered to sell his patent on the telephone to Western Union for $100,000. As the story goes, the committee assigned to investigate the telephone invention included the following in its report:

“We do not see that this device will be ever capable of sending recognizable speech over a distance of several miles. Messer Hubbard and Bell want to install one of their ‘telephone devices’ in every city. The idea is idiotic on the face of it. Furthermore, why would any person want to use this ungainly and impractical device when he can send a messenger to the telegraph office and have a clear written message sent to any large city in the United States? … Mr. G.G. Hubbard’s fanciful predictions, while they sound rosy, are based on wild-eyed imagination and lack of understanding of the technical and economic facts of the situation, and a posture of ignoring the obvious limitations of his device, which is hardly more than a toy … This device is inherently of no use to us. We do not recommend its purchase.” *

This would be a good time to say, “I told you so!” Regardless of whether the story is true, it paints the picture of how it’s difficult to anticipate how or at what pace a new technology will work or supplement an old one. That is certainly the case with solar power.

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Five Things You Need to Know About Home Batteries

You’ve read all about how solar panels generate clean energy and, just as importantly, save you massive amounts of money. But, have you read about home batteries? Home batteries are charged by the energy your solar panels generate to power your home. Think of a home battery like a regular battery, except that instead of powering your TV remote, it powers your house (so it’s just a little bit – okay a lot – bigger).

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Your Questions About How Solar Power Works, Answered

What’s the first question you have when you think of solar power? How solar power works? Will it work here in Ohio, Indiana or Kentucky? Solar power can seem complex, but it doesn’t have to be. We like to say it’s simple: the sun hits your solar panels, they produce energy, you use that energy in your home and you save a lot of money.

But we understand that you probably have more questions about this energy source that’s now powering more than a million homes in the United States. Questions like: do panels work at night? Do panels work when it’s cloudy? Well, it’s our job at Icon Solar to answer all these questions for you.

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