Commercial Solar Power

commercial solar panels in Springboro

At Icon Solar Power, our passion is helping businesses implement efficient, eco-friendly, and affordable energy alternatives.  Regardless of your company’s size or specialty, we have the expertise and innovation to find the ideal commercial solar power solution for your needs.

Why Should Businesses Switch to Commercial Solar Power?

Switching to solar power pays off in large dividends. It’s an investment that improves your margins and is a practical choice for your company’s bottom line. Apart from the immediate reduction in your monthly utility bills, there are also federal, state and local tax credits and rebates, along with many local, low-interest loans and other incentives for installing solar power.

Ready to Learn How Commercial Solar Power Can Save You Money?

Join the movement of large and small companies switching to commercial solar power. If you are ready to invest in an eco-friendly power source with long-term returns, contact us today. Our solar experts will be happy to answer any questions you have about the process of commercial solar installation and provide you with an estimate. Icon Solar serves Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana.