How much will it cost to install a solar system on my house and how much will I save?

Each home and installation presents its own set of unique characteristics such as electric rate, how much electricity your home consumes, shading, and available space on the roof, etc., so we can only determine a price and projected savings for your home after consulting with you regarding your solar objectives.

We can help you determine the size and location of your solar system to maximize your savings and will provide pricing and a range of financing options to fit your budget. After incentives, electric savings, and using our attractive financing, most of our customers pay less for the electricity their solar system produces each month relative to what it would cost them to purchase the same amount of electricity from their utility company.

Going solar can save you anywhere from $2 to $4 dollars for every $1 you would have otherwise spent with your utility company over 25 years should you purchase a solar array from Icon Solar.