Icon Solar’s Accreditations and Certifications, and Why It Matters to You

A lot of licensing and certifications are in place to prove capabilities. For instance, not many of us would trust a 17-year-old without his license to cart people around in a car. Similarly, a lot of trust is instilled in nurses, teachers and firefighters because of the processes they went through to prove their skills and interest.  

Our employees are eager to prove their abilities to you. That’s why we’ve gone through many additional certifications to make us as knowledgeable as we can be about solar power, and to make our customers even more comfortable with us. Listed below are some certifications and accreditations we’ve pursued to prove our dedication: 

  • Certification from the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP) is a testament that someone has undergone rigorous testing to show their knowledge and expertise in solar power installation. NABCEP is a non-profit corporation that works alongside experts and stakeholders to ensure quality credentialing. Icon Solar is very proud to have a NABCEP-certified expert on staff!  
  • Icon Solar is a member of multiple professional organizations. We value our memberships because they provide us with current news on industry changes, a method to communicate with other solar professionals, and in turn, the latest and greatest technology for our customers. Icon Solar is a member of American Solar Energy Society, Green Energy Ohio, US Green Building Council and Green Umbrella.  

 Feel free to further research these credible measures of skill or give us a call and let us prove the quality of our work ourselves!