Grid Tied Solar with Battery

grid tied solar panels on roofAnother option is to get a grid tied solar system that has a back-up battery. This system works exactly like a grid-tied system, but in the event of a power outage, the back-up battery will provide dedicated power for your home.

Why Choose Grid Tied Solar With Battery Backup?

Home batteries allow you to get the most out of your solar panels. Batteries store up any extra energy generated by your solar panels so you can use your solar energy around the clock. Home batteries require little-to-no maintenance and hook up to your solar panels and utility grid to store and serve you power.

Icon Solar is an authorized reseller and certified installer of the Tesla Powerwall. The Tesla Powerwall’s lithium ion battery provides power to your home safely and automatically, enabling you to use your solar power when it’s convenient for you – even at night.

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