Off Grid Solar Power

off grid solar panels in a fieldAn off grid solar power system does not connect to a local utility. It allows you to live independent of any power company and be 100% energy self-sustaining.  Representing the largest investment of any solar solution, an off-grid system is best-suited for places that have limited or no access to utility power and low daily electrical usage.

How Does an Off Grid System Work?

In an off grid solar system, solar panels are connected to a charge controller that uses power produced by solar panels to charge a bank of batteries, electrically storing the solar power for later use. The stored power travels from your batteries through an inverter which converts the DC battery power to readily usable AC power. By storing the electricity in solar batteries, it allows you to keep power running on days when there is minimal sun exposure or during cloudy, winter days. An off grid solar power system also protects you from utility tied power outages and blackouts whereas a grid tied system doesn’t. Since you are independent of any utility lines, your power will still stay on. 

What Type of Home is Best Suited for Off Grid?

Off-grid solar may be a practical option for those in remote locations, cabins, or vacation homes. While this alternative lacks the peace of mind provided by the local utility, it does maximize energy independence and provides the environmental benefits of harnessing solar energy. 

Thinking About Transitioning to Solar Power? 

If you have questions about solar power and what options would best suit your home and lifestyle, call us today. Our experts will be glad to talk to you and provide estimates. Or, stop by our showroom and take a look at the types of solar panels we have. Icon Solar serves Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana.