Kentucky Solar Installations

Icon Solar installs solar panels on homes and businesses throughout the Commonwealth of Kentucky.  As one of the largest providers of solar power in the Midwest, Icon Solar is a proven expert in renewable energy.  We deliver innovative, practical solar power generation solutions for our residential and commercial customers, and we offer flexible financing alternatives to ensure that all homeowners and businesses can reap the benefits of the most advanced solar technology.  King-KY

Kentucky is an ideal location for solar power generation.  On an annual basis, Kentucky’s average hours of peak sunlight per day far exceed that of Germany, which is the global leader in solar system implementations.  In fact, a south facing solar system in Kentucky can produce nearly 50% more power than the same system located in central Germany.

The prices charged by utility companies for electricity sold in Kentucky have steadily increased while at the same time the price of solar power has declined.  You can lock in the price of electricity today by purchasing a solar system.  A growing and enthusiastic group of Kentuckians has already protected against future electric rate increases by going solar.  Now is the time to jump on the bandwagon and start saving on your electric costs!