Client Testimonials

Dale Wilkey Testimonial
(7 Panel Residential Install)

It has made a significant drop in our electric bill

Gene Cook Testimonial
(30 Panel Residential Install)

In April we sold $180 worth of solar energy. our electric bill was $9.70!

Karl Kern Testimonial
(27 Panel Residential Install)

For us it’s virtually eliminated our utility bills. Amazing to say, but that’s the fact!

Nick Motz Testimonial
(69 Panel Commercial Install)

Real nice end product when it was all said and done, had a clean electrical install.

Review by Kenneth H.

Westerville, OH, on Nov 18, 2017

Five Starters

I was most satisfied with Rachel and her willingness to answer all of our questions no matter how many time we asked them. She explained things in a way that was easy to understand and she always had an answer for us.

Review by Rick G.

Maineville, OH, on Aug 26, 2017

Five Starters

I was very satisfied with the work they did. They gave me a good estimate. I went with Icon Solar because I had heard about them and had checked them out online (there were no complaints). They did what they said they would do, and did me an extra favor while on my roof. There was a branch in the gutter and they removed the branch from my gutter. Very nice company to deal with! I would recommend them to anybody. The price is right, they are nice people to deal with, had no problems, and very reputable. Where do I leave an eleventh star?!

Review by Skip A.

Delaware, OH, on Aug 24, 2017

Five Starters

I compared four different contractors and went with Icon. All was smooth from start to finish, and Icon actually got the job done about a month faster than scheduled by one of the competitors I shopped. Very happy with the “turnkey” process. Installation is clean, so nice, that it’s prompted me to work harder on upkeep of the rest of the house. :) This was a big project, so there are questions at every step of the way, and the Icon team was very polite, professional, and very helpful along the way. Will strongly recommend to anyone who asks me about our system.

Review by Claire R.

Dayton, OH, on Jan 05, 2016

Five Starters

I am very happy with the rooftop PV system installed by Icon Solar. Ikon Solar referred me to a local bank that works with the Ohio Eco-Link loan program, I was able to get financing at 1.44% for 7 years, for both the cost of the solar and for some roofing work that needed to be done to get the house ready for solar. After a long time in the decision making process, getting the modules installed was actually very straightforward. The installers were out on Sunday (!!!) because they were THAT busy with year end installation. I really appreciate their hard work and the quality installation. Having solar on the roof is a great feeling as it is important to me to minimize my carbon footprint.

Review by Jeff S.

Frankfort, KY, on Jan 04, 2016

Five Starters

The installation crews were very professional. They told me when they would finish and met their own deadline. They treated me as though I was a partner in the process. I really appreciated it.

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