Review by Philip S.

Springport, IN, on Mar 7, 2019

Five Starters

My wife and I are pleased with our three month old ICON system. The install staff worked well together to get the (barn roof) job done in a safe manner. The system has been producing more electricity than we expected it would during the oft-cloudy winter months.

Review by George and Anne M.

Cincinnati, OH, on Feb 14, 2019

Five Starters

We had our solar system installed in September of 2017. The installation itself was painless. ICON was so well prepared that it was just a matter of having them fit everything in place and hook up the electrical connections.

The entire process was a joy and continues to provide joy every sunny day, and every time we look at our electric bill. The system monitors itself and allows us to see how it is doing at any moment of the day, even if we are not at home. We also receive monthly reports.

While the initial cost seemed high, the savings on our electric bill was estimated properly by the company. In fact, the system may even pay for itself a bit faster than they had estimated. When you add in the satisfaction that we are doing our small bit for the environment, it has been a terrific decision to go with solar.

Review by Michael S.

West Chester, OH, on Feb 4, 2019

Five Starters

Icon solar did an excellent job of explaining the solar panel system, how it worked, the potential power output and savings. The installation was done on time and was excellent.

Review by Steve W.

Loveland, OH, on Dec 27, 2018

Five Starters

Performed everything they said they would, when they said they would. Happy with end result

Review by Lawrence B.

Amelia, OH, on Oct 9, 2018

Five Starters

The staff and employees were courteous and professional. I hardly knew they were here.

Review by Margie R.

Mt. Sterling, OH, on Aug 26, 2017

Five Starters

Review by Lee B.

Fishers, IN, on Aug 24, 2017

Five Starters

Review by Elaine S.

Columbus, OH, on Jan 04, 2016

Five Starters

The solar panels were installed quickly and efficiently. (even in some rain)

Review by Shirley R.

Cincinnati, OH, on Dec 24, 2015

Five Starters

From Rachel’s initial presentation to the completed installation, Icon Solar was professional and easy to work with. They were accessible whenever we had questions. We are very pleased and feel we got a good value for our money.

Review by Rob N.

Hillsboro, OH, on Dec 28, 2015

Five Starters

The whole experience was wonderful. From the sales people to the people who came out to do the actual contract work, they were amazing, quick, efficient, knowledgeable, knew their job very well, and answered all my questions. I’m very satisfied!

Review by Richard B.

Crestwood, KY, on Dec 28, 2015

Five Starters

I had made five calls, all to different Solar companies requesting quotes when i started my research back in November. Three of which never returned my call and one giving me only a budget number without an on site visit. Icon solar was the only one to make an onsite visit to see if i had adequate and proper roof exposure to support the number of panels i wanted to use. Jeff was very knowledgeable and did show me how many panels i could put on the roof area that i had. We spent over 3 hours that day discussing all of the details before we ever got to the Big Question of ”are you ready to purchase” and by that time i was sold and ready to commit. Installation was very professional, All of the crew was more than happy to answer any questions that i had. ( I do some construction myself and could tell none of the crew was taking any shortcuts ) Would do it all again tomorrow !

Review by Robert B.

Harrison, IN, on Dec 28, 2015

Five Starters

I’m very pleased!

Review by Matthew H.

Zionsville, IN, on Dec 28, 2015

Five Starters

Icon Solar was professional, punctual, and efficient from start to finish. I was very happy with the results.