Don't be the last house on your block with a solar array! Be a solar icon today!

Middle-class residential homes have been and still are driving solar success. Young, old, single, families, and everyone in between are taking interest in solar power systems to save money and invest. Solar power owners are taking charge of their own lives and leading the way into the future.

Solar installations are common in the east and west coasts. Now solar panels are catching on in the Midwest. You, too, can help lead the Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana region into a renewable energy future.

Discover more about investing in solar and the future at the following pages:

  • You might be wondering if your house is fit for solar energy. Is my house too shaded? Does my region even get enough sun throughout the year? We can answer those questions. Find out more about if your house will work with solar: Will Solar Work for My Home?
  • Do you think you might be interested in installing a solar panel system? Check out our page on Steps to Solar to see our process in designing a solar system that’s right for you.
  • So you’ve decided you want to get solar? Awesome! Check out what we — as the leading residential solar installer in Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana — can offer you in Why Icon Solar?
  • Many people wonder how much solar installations cost. It varies based on many factors, including weather conditions, energy usage, the equipment used, sun light exposure. See how Icon Solar prices installations with our page on Cost & Benefits.

Check out our photo gallery to see our residential solar panel installations in Cincinnati, Bloomington, Louisville, Lexington, Dayton, Columbus, Indianapolis, Muncie and more. Icon Solar brings customers the best solar systems available at the best prices. Don’t take our word for it; check out what our customers have to say!