Steps to Solar


Transitioning to solar energy will significantly reduce long-term expenses while showing your commitment to helping the environment in your local community. Read on to learn how we can help find the right solar solution for your business.

1. Evaluation of Energy Usage

Review your energy usage over the last year. Depending on your line of business, your usage may vary widely from that of other companies. Determining the rate at which your business consumes electricity helps us identify the right solution for you.

2. Inspection and Planning

An Icon Solar Power representative can inspect your business and determine the optimal positioning of a solar power generation system. We will also evaluate the electrical service provided by your utility and any special requirements for your equipment and facility to make sure the components and configuration we propose will satisfy your business requirements.

3. Financing

We can help you calculate the long-term savings of using solar energy to power your business; as well as, identify all tax and other incentives available to your business, which can significantly reduce your investment in solar.  We can also help with financing and alternatives to purchasing to accommodate various budgets.

4. Installation

Our team has the expertise and experience to design and install a state-of-the-art solar system. Our turnkey process includes everything necessary to get your system installed and producing power for your business, including permits, inspections, interconnection agreements, qualification for incentives and, when required, structural and electrical engineering analysis.  We have experience with a variety of different mounting systems for your solar panels, many of which do not penetrate or otherwise damage roof membrane.  We can also specially design mounting systems for unique conditions and concerns.  We are experts at finding commercial solar energy solutions, with a focus on your needs, budget, timeline, and work environment.

5. Maintenance

The last of the five steps to solar is maintenance. Your solar energy system is designed to last 30 years or more, with little maintenance. In most cases, normal rainfall will keep your panels clean and working at peak efficiency.  Extremely heavy snowfall and falling leaves can occasionally reduce your system’s output, but this can usually be remedied by using a soft brush or a garden hose to remove anything that is blocking your panels from sunlight. After installing your system, we will remain available to answer questions and help with any maintenance needs, giving you peace of mind and helping you get the most out of your solar energy system for years to come. Investing in solar energy now will set your business up for long-term savings.

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