About Icon Solar

About Icon Solar Power, LLCIn 2009, the founders of Cincinnati-based Icon Solar began delivering environmentally and economically-friendly energy to Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana. Our experts are committed to comprehensive customer service and are passionate about saving our customers’ money.

Icon Solar is one of the largest residential installers in the region and stands at the forefront of solar technology, so you know you’re getting the best solar partner. Icon Solar will be by your side during your entire solar journey. We’ll explain the benefits of solar panels, like creating your own clean energy, reducing your carbon footprint and potentially saving you tens of thousands of dollars on your electricity bill.

Our team handles every detail of installation, from permit to grid hook-up, efficiently and courteously. We invite you to take a look at our website and get to know us better.

“Over the years, our customers have become passionate advocates for the benefits of solar energy. Our goal is to treat each customer like family, providing them with a custom solar plan, a seamless installation, and the foundation for some serious savings.”
– Zach Wieber, Co-Owner, Icon Solar